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"I never understood the power of nutrition before meeting Ivette. I got connected with Ivette through this site and no exaggeration, that was the turning point of my whole life. I went from being fit and unhealthy to pregnant then unfit. However, when I started training with Ivette I learned about different healthy eating habits and exercises I can do on my own that would accommodate my lifestyle.Training with Ivette was learning experience for me both academically and physically. Her style of training is not like any other she makes exercising fun and challenging but she would never give you more than you can handle.She pays very close attention to the ailment of you body as you workout so your not doing anything to hurt yourself. She also does different routines with you. She's not one to just stands around and watch. She has a genuine heart.Once you have a goal, her focus would then be trying to help you reach that goal. She loves to help people and she's an extremely hard worker. Ivette will always be my number one choice no matter where I am."

- Kendra H

"Ivette is a wonderful trainer! She knows what she's doing and she makes sure that you know what you're doing. She lets you know exactly what your form should be and then she monitors what you're doing to make sure that you don't hurt yourself. She's also well-versed in nutrition as well as physical training. Do yourself a favor and give Ivette a call, you won't regret it."

- Desmond R.

I have gone from barely walking with a walker to a stronger woman. I have seen myself transform under Ivette Browne's teaching. She is a "natural-born" teacher & motivator. Highly educated, never late, always focused on her client. Outstanding! ​

- Susan Jane L.

Ivette certainly keeps you on your toes. Each class surprises you with new, individualized moves. She finishes each exercise session with hundreds. Even after a short time I noticed an enormous improvement. ​

- Karin J.

"Very professional and flexible. Answered all of my questions with answers that stuck with me. Provided education that I understood. Held me to a high standard, but if you want results you have to work hard!"

- Crystal S.

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